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May 22


Water Ride

   After a long stretch of rain, we finally get a beautiful Sunday. High in the mid 70’s and sunny skies! So, after church we decided to take the bike out for a spin. We hadn’t eaten yet so our plan was to head down I-275 to US 52 where we would stop at Subway in Ripley for lunch.US 52 Ohio River

   Most river towns have some type of developed riverfront and Ripley isn’t any different. They have done a pretty nice job of creating a pleasant atmosphere for people to enjoy the Ohio river.

   I would have to say that the stretch of US 52 between New Richmond and Aberdeen is probably the most scenic part that borders Ohio and Kentucky. It seems like a lot of motorcyclists ride US 52. For me, it’s not the ideal road but it’s nice for those times when you want a relaxing ride. There’s very few curves and the scenery is decent. You can also catch the Augusta Ferry over to Kentucky for a small fee. Located 2 miles west of Higginsport.

   After lunch at Subway, we headed directly across the street to fill up the tank. With a full belly and full tank, we continued to Aberdeen where we will pick up OH 41 north, which is a great road, but that’s for another ride. Today we will be taking OH 763 north, just 1.5 miles up OH 41.OH 763 Barn

   Riding on OH 763 can be a lot of fun but stay focused because this road can be very technical at times. There are a lot of curves, elevation changes and some pretty good scenery too. Traffic seemed to be fairly light but use caution because there are several tight corners that oncoming cars may tend to crowd you. We were on OH 763 for approximately 13 miles, enjoying the scenery and a few curves too. Can’t very well ride a road like this without taking advantage of it’s serpentine like asphalt. Another plus is the small creek that travels with you for part of the trip. Miniature waterfalls will be visible early in the year but as spring starts to fade, so does the water.

   One thing that is on my list for a great road would be; having water right alongside of us, whether it be creek, river, or lake. There’s something very peaceful about riding next to it. During this route we are able to accomplish that on a fewOH 125 roads.

   After winding through the farmland on 763, we reach OH 125, which is a very nice stretch of road for motorcycles. Unfortunately we weren’t on it for very long. Maybe next time we can add that to the route.

   Traveling east for approximately 6 miles we come to OH 136 where we head north. The first time I was on this road I really liked it but this time didn’t hold my interest. There are enough curves and elevation changes to keep it from being too boring, but it just doesn’t seem to have that unique quality that a lot of good roads tend to possess. My wife seemed to enjoy it a little more than I did.

   It is 23 miles up to US 62 where we continued to head north, picking up OH 73 in Hillsboro. We stayed on 73, taking it to Caesar Creek State Park. After a short rest and checking out the many boaters we started our return home.

   Arriving back before dark and 188 miles later. We had a nice relaxing ride with the highlight road being OH 763.