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US 52 - 50 miles Star RatingStar RatingStar Rating

   This section of US 52, also known as Ohio River Scenic Byway, runs between I-275 and Aberdeen. When taking this section of road, we usually see many other motorcyclists enjoying what the area has to offer. I have to say, until recently, I wondered why for so many people US 52 was their choice of road. It was just too straight for me! After having a slightly more open mind, I started seeing what the attraction might be. There are several sights along the route and many places where you can see the Ohio River while riding. I mean, who doesn’t like riding next to a body of water, whether it be lake, river or stream?

   My rating of 3 stars would be due to the fact that there are so many things along this route to stop and see. Sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing route planned that enables you to stop along the way and enjoy the sights.

Working from I-275:

4 miles - Woodland Mound, a Hamilton County Park with many different activities available. Most of the park is on the north side of 52 but a small section is between 52 and the Ohio River.

15.4 miles - US Grant birthplace, located in Point Pleasant, Ohio. There is a small house you can tour but keep in mind the hours of operation are very limited, so check before going.

23.8 mies - Meldahl Dam, has a well kept picnic area and a nice view of the Ohio River. At one time people were able to walk on top of the dam and watch the operation of the locks, unfortunately that is no longer aloud but still a nice place for a short stop or picnic.

26.2 miles - Chilo Lock #34 Park will be on the south side of US 52. They have a picnic area, short walking path and a neat little museum about the history of the Ohio River and locks and dams. They also have a great view of the river.

32.8 miles - If you want to jump over to the Kentucky side you can do so by taking a ferry which is located just west of Higginsport. They have a new paved parking lot. Last time we took the ferry, there was a steep gravel pathway down to the river, it’s much nicer now.

43.3 miles - Last on the list is Ripley, Ohio. This little town has a lot to offer including a great riverfront with a walking path and park benches to sit and enjoy the excellent river view. They also have a few restaurants along the riverfront. I haven’t tried any yet but they always seem busy.

   I listed this route to Aberdeen which is another 7 miles just because of a few more views of the river. If heading north you can take US 62 out of Ripley or if you’re looking for a little longer ride, you can take Ohio 41 north out of Aberdeen, which is another great road!