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   Earlier in the week they were calling for a chance of rain Sunday afternoon. After church we double checked the weather and only a 25% chance after 3pm. Sounded good to us, so off we went.

   Deciding to head over to Rabbit Hash, Kentucky we hopped on I-275. That’s a long boring ride over to Petersburg. Stopping for lunch about half way broke up the monotony of the Interstate.

 Kentucky 20  Reaching the Petersburg exit put a smile on my face, knowing the roads to come would be a lot more enjoyable. I’ll ride highway when needed but If it’s not necessary, I’d rather not. Reaching the bottom of the exit, leaves us with the feeling of remoteness. There aren’t many cars traveling this stretch of road. Turning right on KY 8 which almost immediately becomes KY 20. Heading west we wind through the beautiful hills of Kentucky. Shortly before the town of Petersburg is a hairpin turn to be aware of.

   Previously mentioned, there’s not much in this part of the state, especially gas stations. It would be a good idea to plan a fuel stop when traveling in this area. The last time we came out here, we almost learned the hard way. Making a small detour over to I-71, we were able to get some fuel. I foolishly assumed there would be a gas station along the route, but that wasn’t the case.

   Once through Petersburg, we traveled 6.4 miles till we reached KY 18. Heading west on KY 18 for only 2.6 miles then turning right on Lower River Road, a narrow backroad that leads to Rabbit Hash General Store. Slow speeds should be used due to howRabbit Hash Store narrow the road is and for the courtesy of the residents living in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. The road leading to the store will offer great views of the Ohio River. Rising Sun, Indiana can be seen from this road also.

   The area by the store is usually a very popular hangout for motorcyclists on the weekends, which isn’t our cup of tea so we passed though continuing our route. I have heard that visiting during the week will yield a lot less visitors which is what we may do in the future.

   We continued on Lower River Road to KY 338, heading to Big Bone Lick State Park. By the time we get there, I was quite thirsty. The park has a museum/gift shop and I figured we could get something to drink there, but the museum had closed. Missed it by a few minutes. Fortunately, my wonderful wife planned ahead and packed us some water in a small cooler. I was very thankful for that, because the walk we’re about to take will be a hot one! Buffalo Rolling in Dirt

   The park has a short well taken care of trail leading to the buffalo enclosure. All other times we visited the park, the herd has been on the side closest to the museum parking lot, which means a short walk to see them. Well, this time they just had to be completely opposite side of the enclosure. Let me just say, it’s not a small enclosure! “Honey, do you want to walk ALL the way over there to see them?” I ask. Excitedly she replies “Yes, let’s go see them!” I was afraid of that. I guess I should back up a little. The trail we just came off of was in the shade. The walk ahead is all in the sun. I’m probably making a bigger deal than it really was. We did sweat a little but it was worth going to see them. They had a few young calves with them and one was feeding. The one pictured to the left was busy wallowing in the dirt. It was quite entertaining.

   Leaving the park, we continued on KY 338 to US 42. Turning right on US 42 for approximately 10 miles to US 127. Just to the right of the Intersection is a nicOhio River US 42 & 127e little pull-off allowing for a great view of the river.

   We were originally heading down to Frankfort, KY but due the threat of storms moving in, we decided it best to cut the ride short. Taking a quick look at the map I figured we could take KY 22 all the way to Maysville, Kentucky. It was a little longer than I thought, because by the time we came to US 27, I knew we were going to get wet if we didn’t take the most direct route home. So, turning north on US 27 was just what we did. Then I-275 back home.

   Thankfully, we made the right decision. Shortly after arriving home, the rain cut loose! We logged just over 200 miles on this ride. I can’t wait to get a nice Saturday where we can put in a 400 mile day!

Rabbit Hash

May 29