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   Our 25th Anniversary was coming and having such a great wife, she knew that one thing that would put a smile on my face. Riding the motorcycle. So she picked somewhere we could go for the weekend. Knowing I would want to plan the route, she tells me a couple weeks before we go. “Baby, we are going to Fallingwater Pennsylvania.”

  Ohio 7 She starts off by telling me it’s a house designed by Frank Llyod Wright and we will be taking a tour. I’m thinking, is this for me or you? I keep quite and listen. After 25 years of marriage, I’m beginning to learn, keeping my mouth shut can be a good thing. She starts showing me several reviews that mention they aren’t into this type of thing but after going they loved it. I figured, I just might too.

  We left Friday after work heading to Marietta, Ohio. We picked Microtel for our lodging, which we have had pretty good luck with and the cost is decent.

Saturday morning was a little foggy but burned off with the rising sun. Heading north on Ohio 7 quickly became a treat with the Ohio River on one side and Wayne National Forest on the other. Until now, I had never been north of Marietta on Ohio 7.

   It wasn’t long and we were crossing the river into West Virginia and then shortly after into Pennsylvania. I would give you the route we took but unfortunately I don’t know it. I let the GPS pick the roadsFallingwater getting to Fallingwater and it felt like we were on several different ones. They all seemed quite curvy and at times too much so, especially when trying to make time. When visiting Fallingwater you will need to purchase tickets pretty far in advance. They sell quickly! If you miss your tour time then you’re out the money for the tickets and they’re not cheap.

   We had a great time on our tour of the house. It is a guided tour but it was at a fairly relaxed pace. There are quite a few people in the house at one time but because of the size and how the tour is arranged, it doesn’t seem overly crowded. You are allowed to photograph the outside of the house and the grounds but no pictures can be taken on the inside. I can say that the inside is very unique.

   After our tour of Fallingwater, we grabbed a bite to eat and then started heading south. Dropping into Maryland for a bit then into West Virginia, Smokehole Roadwhich is a great state for motorcycling! We did make the decision to head over to Smokehole Road which is fairly popular among motorcyclists. I don’t want to take away from the beauty of it, because it has some great scenery but if it’s out of your way, like it was for us, I wouldn’t recommend it. There was an extremely large amount of gravel on the road and the part that would be considered scenic wasn’t enough to make it worth our while.

   Once we finished Smokehole, we made our way over to Seneca Rocks. Doing a little research before our trip I was under the impression that we would need to walk the trail to see Seneca Rocks. After arriving, we found out differently. Doing a little more research after the trip, I discovered that walking the trail would have given us some pretty good views from up top. It was starting to get late in the day when we arrived at Seneca Rocks and we still had another 60 miles to reach our room for the night. The trail would have to wait Seneca Rocksuntil next time.

   There were a few things I learned from this trip and hopefully I will remember them for the next one. Sometimes I tend to get a little excited and try to pack too much into a small timeframe.

   I really didn’t give this trip the planning that was needed and it showed. We were both pretty tired by the end of the weekend and ready to get home. A little more thorough planning would have turned a good trip into a great trip.

   We did enjoy our time with each other and the time on the road, I’m just hoping to continue improving each trip I plan.

Pennsylvania & West Virginia

June 24


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