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   What are MotoVlogs? Well, until recently, I would have asked the same question. A MotoVlog is a video log created while riding a motorcycle. It can be anything from a motorcyclists thoughts on any given subject to a look into their travels by motorcycle. We will mainly stick to the latter, but that’s not to say you won’t here our opinion from time to time.

   Hope you enjoy our videos and be sure to subscribe to ourchannel so you can receive notification when we upload new content.

Park Series - Cowan Lake

   Join us as we take you to Cowan Lake State Park in southwestern Ohio, a top family destination. Within 1 hour of Cincinnati, you can enjoy the beauty and nature offered by this park.

Park Series - Lake Grant

   Come along with us as we visit Lake Grant in Brown County, Ohio. We will also get to see some different wildlife (Wild Turkey, Deer, Heron). Don't miss out!

First Attempt at a MotoVlog

   This is our first attempt at a MotoVlog! We have a minor audio issue but will correct it next time out. Checking out Stonelick Lake State Park in Ohio. Riding a Yamaha FJR.

Must See Waterfall in Kentucky

   Watch as we take you to see an Awesome Waterfall in Kentucky! This hidden gem is surprisingly easy to find if you know where to look and best of all, it's right next to the road. You will also get to see one of my favorite motorcycle roads in Kentucky.

Eden Park Ohio River Overlook, Krohn Conservatory & Distracted Driver!

   Come along as we take you to Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park! We will show you a great overlook to view the Ohio River, a few awesome bridges, dog park and a couple Distracted Drivers! Don't miss this one!

Motorcycle Wave! What Do You Do?

   The Motorcycle Wave! Do you or Don't you, how and why? We are out for an evening ride. Grab a bite to eat, give you a peek at Lunkin Airport and head home.

We have been noticing many people don't reciprocate the "Motorcycle Wave". What do you do and why?

Weekend Motorcycle Trip to Burgess Falls Tennessee

   Join us on our weekend motorcycle trip to Burgess Falls, TN. This is an Amazing Waterfall! Probably the best waterfall I've seen. One thing that's great is the trail to view the falls is pretty short!

We will take you to maybe the best waterfall in Tennessee, ride by Cumberland Lake, give you a quick look at Cave City, Kentucky, near Mammoth Cave, show you a Wigwam Village and have you home in time for Sunday dinner.

As mentioned, we will be heading to the Blue Ridge Parkway in the month or two and one of our YouTube subscriptions recently went there and have some videos of their trip.