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   All week long we watched the weather with the anticipation of finally taking our weekend trip to West Virginia. With each day the chances of rain grew greater. By Wednesday, we decided West Virginia would have to wait. Hoping to find another destination, we studied the weather map. Rain everywhere! I was determined to go somewhere this weekend but when Thursday rolled around, it was still looking like rain in almost every direction. Heading north might be a possibility and after speaking with my ‘Significant Other’ we decided on heading to Lake Erie.


   Friday evening at 5:15 we were packed and ready to go! With the sun setting just before 7:30, we didn’t have much time, so we headed straight to the hotel we reserved for the night. Usually we don’t take the Interstate but for time sake we traveled up I-71 to the Hampton Inn near Mansfield. We arrived shortly after nightfall.

Hampton Inn Mansfield Ohio

    The next morning was looking a little cloudy but the forecast was calling for partly sunny skies near Lake Erie. As we headed north, we could see the clouds starting to clear. We picked up US Route 6 (Lake Road) near Bay Village. The view of the Lake wasn’t quite as good as I hoped along this stretch of road but the massive homes more than made up for it. Don’t count on making great time along this section of road because it is mostly residential with a fairly low speed limit. On a positive note, traffic was very light for a Saturday.


    Not knowing the entire itinerary for the day, I planned an approximate 200 miles. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely someone who likes to plan every detail of our route but on a multi-day trip I like leaving time for the unknown. Anytime we take a multi-day trip we try to experience some of what that area has to offer. Stopping to see the sites so to speak. Sometimes we can be so focused on the ride that we don’t take time to look at what is just beyond our field of vision. We enjoy seeing local attractions and at times will walk short trails to do so. Especially on a long trip, it’s good to get your blood flowing from time to time.Lake Erie

   Continuing along Route 6 we passed through several small communities. In Vermilion there is a small lighthouse that somehow I missed when planning this trip. I read about it after returning home. Maybe next time we can check it out.  

   Eventually we made our way past Sandusky, crossed over the bay on route 2 and followed E Bayshore Rd (Turns into route 163) around to Marblehead Lighthouse State Park. This was our first time seeing the lighthouse and we both found it worth the stop. One important note when visiting Marblehead, check the schedule of operation. Visitors are able to climb inside the lighthouse, but it’s limited to certain days of the week depending on what time of the year it is. Unfortunately it was closed the day we were there, but that will give us something to look forward to next time we visit. Walking out to the lake you will find a rocky shoreline and a good view of Cedar Point.  

Marblehead Lighthouse

    Although we didn’t spend much time in the area near Marblehead Lighthouse and Port Clinton, there are numerous things to do. Several restaurants, Kelleys Island State Park, Put-In-Bay, African Wildlife Safari and more.

    After leaving the lighthouse we continued on Rt. 163 to 53. Following 53 up to Catawba Island then circling back down heading west on Rt. 163 again. I guess one thing I can say about this trip is it was a slower pace than I’m use to, but we made better time after making our way through Port Clinton. A few miles past town is Rt. 2 again which we took west toward Maumee Bay State Park. Upon arriving at Maumee we had an unusual surprise. Apparently a Midoricon convention was scheduled during that weekend. This was a first for me. I have seen things like this on TV but never in real life. It was explained to me by a Midoricon participant that people come dressed as anything from video game to cartoon characters. The park itself was clean and well kept as well as the lodge. I would have like to spend more time there but it was getting later in the evening and we still needed eat dinner and find a hotel for the night.Maumee Bay State Park


   Leaving the park, we made our way south to Napoleon, Ohio where we stayed at a Holiday Inn. They were renovating the hotel so commenting about the quality of our stay might not be fair. There was a Pizza Hut down the street that offered gluten free pizza, so that was our choice for dinner. Overall our stay in Napoleon was ok, but next time I think we may choose a different town.

   The next morning clouds were starting to move in and we had a slight chance of rain. Heading south looked like we might be getting wet, but within an hour or two the sun began to shine. The western side of Ohio isn’t full of ideal roads for motorcycling but it was the driest part of the state. Sometimes, different is enough for an enjoyable ride and that's just what we had. Riding through most of these town for the first time was different enough that made for a great ending to our trip. One town that stood out the most was Troy, Ohio. We took a few minutes to stop and enjoy a little of what they have to offer.  

   We ended our trip early Sunday evening and was home in time for dinner with the family.

Lake Erie

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