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   Our Saturday rides usually consist of two tSuzuki, Moto Guzzi, Yamahao four bikes. Planning a ride can take a lot of time and research, especially when riding on unfamiliar roads. Fortunately for me, my awesome wife decided to plan her first route. Let me add that she did a great job!

   Our meeting time was set at 8:30, so once everyone was fueled up we were on our way. Taking Crosscounty Hwy west to I-275 heading into Indiana. From there we proceeded on I-74 west to the Brookville exit 169, turning left on US 52 and an immediate left on Indiana 46. This section of 46 is basically flat with a few curves. It’s somewhat uneventful as motorcycling goes but it beats riding Interstate the whole way. Entering Greensburg, Indiana we decided to take a short break.

   After replenishing our fluids and some informative motorcycle chat, we continued on our way. Staying on Indiana 46 through Columbus, our plan was to take Indiana 135 south. Unfortunately that didn’tMotorcycle View happen. I know we missed a great road having been on it a couple other rides. Turning left on 135 allowed us to see that they had recently applied fresh gravel and oil to the road. That didn’t sound too good to any of us, so we decided to take a detour. As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes the unexpected can lead to experiencing great roads that would otherwise be missed.

Just ahead on 46 is the town of Nashville, Indiana. We didn’t stop here but it is a great place to spend the day shopping and dining. There is lodging available for the weekend trip and a state park just outside of town. There is much more that could be mentioned but will save that for another time.

   Following Indiana 46 past Nashville for another 15 miles brought us to Indiana 446. Making a left, we found ourselves passing by Monroe Lake. Just from the roadside view I found myself wondering how big is this body of water? While writing this, I decided to look that up and found it to be 10,750 acres, the largesMonroe Laket lake in Indiana!

   Although 446 wasn’t the road we chose for our route, passing by Monroe Lake and winding through Hoosier National Forest for 13 miles put a smile on my face.

   Making a left on US 50 east to Brownstown where we picked up Indiana 250. This isn’t the typical motorcycle road but sometimes it’s nice changing things up a bit. This road is very straight but the scenery was enough to allow this to be an enjoyable choice. Traveling on 250 for 33 miles will run you into Indiana 7 south, taking it down to Indiana 56 just west of Madison.

   If you’ve never been, Madison is a great little town with a nice historic district. When there, take the time to visit their riverfront. They have created an awesome environment along the Ohio River.

   After enjoying the riverfront for a bit, we left Madison on 56 east, also know as the Ohio River Scenic Byway. Riding a motorcycle along this section of the Ohio RiOhio River Scenic Bywayver is one of my favorites. Great scenery with awesome views of the river. Approximately 20 miles will bring you to the center of Vevay, Indiana where 56 turns left and Indiana 156 will go straight. Taking 156 is a little further but keeps you along the river and meets back up with 56 just before Rising Sun.

   Riding along the river is great, but remember to keep an eye out for deer. Although we’ve never had any run out in front of us here, we do see them quite often. That could be contributed to the fact that it’s usually evening when we come through. Another thing to mention is the traffic tends to pick up nearing Rising Sun. I’m not sure but my guess is it’s due to the Casino there.

   Following 56 east will run you into Aurora, which is another town that has a nice little riverfront area. Many times we have stopped there to throw on extra gear for warmth or just to take a short break. You can pull off right next to the road and it’s the last great viewAurora, Indiana of the river.

   Reaching US 50 we make a right and head toward Lawrenceburg. The traffic really picks up here. I wish there was a better way around all this but I haven’t found one yet. From there we take I-275 back in.

   Another thanks to my wife for planning such a great ride! 318 miles was easy to do with the amount of daylight during this time of year. We had a great time riding with family and the weather was perfect!


June 18


Indiana River Ride