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   Welcome to our Friends page! This is where we will share with you, the people we meet during our motorcycle trips.

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Anthony - CBR 500R

Honda CBR 500R

   We met Anthony through my Uncle Ray. He joined us on our ride Saturday. Had a fantastic time. Thanks for putting up with us, Anthony!                            5/13/2017

Yamaha FJR

Peter - ‘03 Yamaha FJR

   We met Peter from a FJR forum and running into him one evening after a ride. This was the second ride with Peter but the first Photo of him & his bike. Thanks for inviting us to tag along!             5/29/2017

Yamaha FZ-09

Nick - ‘16 Yamaha FZ-09

   Nick is a friend of Peter’s and they invited us on their ride today. We had a great time. Enjoyed meeting you Nick!          5/29/2017