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   Friday morning at work, I’m looking out the shop doors and it’s looking pretty nice. I figured at lunch I would ask my wonderful wife if she wanted to go for a short ride this evening.

   When lunch finally rolls around, I get a text from her. No, not asking if I wanted to ride this evening, but she wanted to know if I would like to go for a ride Sunday afternoon. Well, of course I said “Yes” and I also replied, “It’s not supposed to rain tonight either.” My wife being the loving woman she is, I’m sure seen right through that statement, but she asks “Oh, you want to go tonight too?” I figured she may only want to go one time this weekend, but to my surprise, she was in complete agreement with going both days.

   It was around 5:30 and we were on our way. First stop was Hot Head Burritos for dinner. I know, our choice for dinner might not be the best. I would rather eat at a local mom and pops but with my gluten allergy, some fast food seem to work better for my dietary needs.

Ohio 350 Barn   Heading to Cowan Lake State Park we took Ohio 22 & 3 through Morrow. We usually see a fair amount of motorcycles when on this road and I’m not sure if people think it’s a great motorcycle road or if it’s just the convenience of getting from point A to B. The scenery is ok and we usually take it when we want to make decent time. There are some towns to go through but most are small. We are only on 22 & 3 for 12.5 miles then we take Old 3 C Highway off to the right, which turns into Ohio 350. Following OH 350 through Clarksville will lead to Cowan Lake.

   Just a short distance outside of Clarksville there is a neat barn with the American flag painted on it. Few more miles and you will reach Cowan Lake. We were up here scouting out spots to picnic on Memorial Day. They don’t offer very many picnic spot compared to years past. I guess the funds just aren’t there. Seems to be a pattern here in Ohio parks. Cowan Lake

   Some areas of this lake seem to be overtaken by geese. Even with that, Cowan Lake is a great place to spend a relaxing day. Traveling around the lake we were on some backroads that were first time for us. We happened across a huge statue of a man/monster that was out front of The TerrorFest Haunted House. It looked abandoned this time of year, but I’m sure this October it will be packed.

   After our tour of the lake, we headed south on US 68. This is another one that wouldn’t make my top motorcycle roads. I will say, this section of US 68 is better than the part south of US 50. In the middle of Midland, Ohio there is an old train station which we were able to snap a pretty good picture. Getting a good quality photo isn’t the easiest with a small point & shoot camera, especially while moving. We are looking for a better camera that won’t be too heavy for my wife.

Midland Ohio Train Station   Due to a road closure, we had to turn on Ohio 123. I think I had only been on this section one other time. I didn’t even know where it was going to come out, but I knew we were heading in the right direction. I must admit I was a little surprised when we ended up in Blanchester.

   We stopped for gas, grabbed something to drink and took a short break. Feeling revived, we headed for home. Pulling in the drive just at dark and 85 miles later. What a great way to spend a Friday evening!

   Thanks to my beautiful wife for allowing me to take her along.

Cowan Lake

May 27